About Us

We love fabric - fabric with pretty florals and foliage, cute animals, the list goes on!

We love a good fabric based DIY. A lot of our home linen was a DIY project. 

Something that we love more that fabric and DIY is pottering about in the garden. 

Our shop "In the Garden", is a sweet spot of our passions combined. We aim to bring a range of home linen, designed and curated at our home studio to the  customer looking for non mass produced yet quality products.

Our design process is solely based on the fabric we find in our local markets. Some of our products are repurposed from what they original were or meant for. Therefore each of our products are unique, each with its own quirk. And given that our design depends on the fabric we find sometimes each product may have as few as just one piece. So when you buy from In the Garden, you get to own a "one of a kind".